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Category Archives: Inheritance


Dividing an Inheritance

By Eric Millhorn |

Many people inherit a parent’s estate equally with their siblings. This often creates problems, especially when the estate has non-liquid assets, such as real estate. Dividing an estate equally between children is a popular move for many parents. For example, there might be three siblings, and the will leaves each a third. Or there… Read More »


The Importance Of Estate Planning For Unmarried Couples

By Eric Millhorn |

Many couples never marry. They might even be together for years or decades but have never gotten around to saying “I do” or don’t feel that marriage is that important to begin with. However, as we age, we soon find out that marriage carries many important legal benefits. If you choose not to marry,… Read More »


Do You Own Stocks? Leave Them To Heirs In Your Will For Tax Savings

By Eric Millhorn |

Estate planning is complicated, particularly thinking through the tax consequences of leaving property to your heirs. Fortunately, few estates will need to pay federal estate taxes, and Florida does not have an inheritance tax. Nevertheless, leaving stocks and other assets to people in your will can reap significant tax advantages. Capital Gains Tax When… Read More »


Four Common Estate Tax Planning Trusts In Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Even though the Sunshine State does not have an estate tax and federal lawmakers recently raised the IRS threshold, taxes are still a concern in many estate planning scenarios. The estate tax is not the only issue facing The Villages residents as they prepare their estate plans. Certain kinds of property, most notably rent… Read More »


Can I Disinherit My Child?

By Eric Millhorn |

Yes—in some situations. It all depends on how old your child is. Under Florida law, you can certainly disinherit your adult children. However, certain rules prevent you from completely disinheriting minor children. Florida’s Homestead Laws  The state’s constitution contains homestead laws that limit what you can do with your residence. In particular, you cannot… Read More »


How To Divide Your Estate Fairly Between Your Children

By Eric Millhorn |

When writing a will or trust, many people are worried about showing favoritism to one or more of their children. Instead, they want to divide their estate fairly so that each child feels appreciated. Nevertheless, sometimes dividing an estate fairly between your children is complicated. In that situation, you are advised to meet with… Read More »


Inheriting Real Estate In A Different State

By Eric Millhorn |

Owning real estate in multiple states can make good financial sense for some people. However, it can also raise some problems when it comes to estate planning and leaving the out of state property to different heirs. The problems that may arise can be anticipated and taken care of with some planning on the… Read More »

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