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Skilled and Compassionate Central Florida Guardianship Attorneys

There may come a time in your life when you recognize the need for assistance in managing your legal affairs or even your own self-care. Perhaps you are capable but your spouse can no longer handle the family finances or care for him or herself, and you need help in ensuring that your loved one and the household finances are properly taken care of. The attorneys at the Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group in The Villages are here to help individuals, spouses, and adult children concerned for a parent’s well-being take the necessary steps to ensure the safety, care and protection of loved ones and to properly safeguard valuable family assets which have accumulated over a lifetime.

Helping establish guardianships in The Villages and Central Florida

Florida law recognizes two different types of legal guardianship:

  • Guardian of the person
  • Guardian of the property

It is not uncommon that both types of guardianship will be needed at the same time. However, if only type of guardianship is needed, we can assist you in filing the correct petition and going through the correct process. Our lawyers advise and represent the prospective ward or potential guardian in all aspects of the proceedings, from the initial application and examination through any petition for restoration of rights that may be appropriate at a later date.

Under Florida law, any adult person can serve as a guardian of the person or property of another. Even institutions can be appointed as legal guardians. For instance, the trust department of a bank could be appointed guardian over the property. Whether you choose a family member, a trusted friend or a professional to act as guardian, we work through the courts to see that your best interests are protected.

Avoid a guardianship through proper estate planning

The need for a guardianship proceeding can also often be avoided if the proper disability estate planning steps have been taken. Through the right combination of advance health care directives, durable powers of attorney, trusts and other instruments, you have the ability to make decisions about your care or finances in the event of some future incapacity, rather than having to rely on your family or the courts to make these difficult decisions for you at a challenging time. You can also avoid the time and expense of an additional legal proceeding this way. At the Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, we will be sure and address these questions with you when drafting or revising your estate plan.

Help with Florida Guardianship Proceedings from Experienced Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorneys

In central Florida, contact the Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group if you need help establishing a guardianship, or making sure your estate plan accounts for the possibility of an incapacitating event in your life. We maintain three office locations in The Villages to serve you best, with one toll-free number for your convenience. Call (800) 743-9732.

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