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Blended Family Estate Planning Attorneys

Second marriages (and more) are becoming increasingly common these days, and more and more often the need arises to consider children from previous marriages when drafting or revising an estate plan. At the Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, we can help you consider the right documents at the right time, no matter what point you are at in your life. In addition to revising wills, trusts and other documents as needed, we help people in blended families with all of the following legal instruments where necessary:

Pre-Marital Agreements – A pre-marital agreement can be used to establish upfront what will happen regarding certain marital or separate property in the event of the death of one of the spouses. Although often considered as a means to ensure fair treatment regarding property division and support in the event of a divorce between spouses who come into the marriage with vastly different incomes or assets, the prenuptial or pre-marital agreement can also be an excellent vehicle for making sure at the outset that children from a previous marriage will not be disadvantaged in the event of death or divorce.

Post-Marital Agreements – A pre-marital agreement is a contract between two parties who are contemplating marriage, and it becomes effective upon the date of the marriage. But even if you didn’t enter into a pre-marital agreement, there is nothing to stop married couples from entering into similar agreements during marriage. A marital or post-marital agreement can accomplish all of the same things a pre-marital agreement can. If for whatever reason a pre-marital agreement was not feasible in your particular situation, it is not too late to get together with your spouse and create a legally binding document which ensures that both spouse and children will be properly cared for.

Shared Property Agreements – Unmarried couples who choose to live together can benefit from a shared property agreement before they start to acquire real and personal property together, including a car, a home and home furnishings, investment property and more. You may want to keep your separate property separate yet clearly establish an equal right to any property purchased together. We can help you draft a document that reflects your wishes and is legally enforceable in court should the need ever arise.

Thoughtful Estate Planning for Blended Families in Central Florida

At the Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, our attorneys are experienced with blended family estate planning in central Florida, ensuring that spouses and children are properly provided for according to your wishes. We can advise you and assist you in all applicable instruments and documents, from choosing the appropriate beneficiary designations on insurance policies and retirement accounts, to making specific bequests in your will, to drafting an appropriate trust which provides income to your spouse while passing title to the property to your children. Let us help you determine your needs and draft the appropriate documents to make sure all your needs are met. Call (800) 743-9732 for a free consultation.

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