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Is a Loved One Being Exploited on Social Media?

By Eric Millhorn |

At Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, we regularly raise the alarm about elder abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual, or financial. But there is another type of elder abuse that might be on the rise, and that involves social media. According to ProPublica, many nursing home residents have been secretly photographed or recorded by staff,… Read More »


How Do You Get Better Nursing Home Care for Your Loved One?

By Eric Millhorn |

Moving a loved one to a nursing home is a difficult decision for many. Not only do many seniors experience feelings of guilt, but it can be difficult to truly check up on a loved one who is no longer living in your home or with family members. When loved ones move into a… Read More »


Watch Out for Romance Scams

By Eric Millhorn |

Many seniors have recently lost a spouse or have divorced and are feeling lonely. This is perfectly normal and one of the challenges of aging. Unfortunately, predators are well aware of this fact and take full advantage, perpetrating romance scams that can cost many seniors thousands of dollars. One scam that came to light… Read More »


5 Facts about Summary Administration in Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Probate can be a cumbersome process, and some estates are not large enough to require formal probate. For this reason, Florida has created something called “summary administration.” This is a streamlined form of probate that is available in some situations. Our probate attorney in The Villages takes a closer look at 5 facts you… Read More »


Checking in With Elderly Family Members this Holiday Season

By Eric Millhorn |

The holidays are the one time of year when many people check in with their elderly relatives, such as aunts and uncles or close family friends. If parents live far away, then this might be the first time that many people see them face-to-face in an entire year. The elderly have many needs, and… Read More »


Watch for These Signs of Social Isolation

By Eric Millhorn |

Social isolation is a risk factor for many problems that the elderly face. When isolated, seniors are more vulnerable to scams, in particular romance scams. Seniors who are isolated also can have terrible health but fail to address it in an appropriate manner. As MedicareAdvantage notes, isolated seniors have a greater risk of dementia,… Read More »


What to Look for When Shopping for Long-Term Care Insurance

By Eric Millhorn |

The cost of skilled long-term care continues to explode. In Florida, many nursing homes are charging up to $100,000 a year for a private room, and semi-private rooms are not much cheaper. If you are looking for ways to defray the cost of getting older, then buying long-term care insurance could be an option…. Read More »


It’s Time to Review Beneficiary Designations

By Eric Millhorn |

Many assets don’t pass through a will or the probate process. Instead, you name a beneficiary on the policy itself. This is particularly true regarding life insurance policies and retirement accounts like a 401(k) or an IRA. You might have other payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) accounts that have a… Read More »


Should You Get Paid for Taking Care of Mom or Dad?

By Eric Millhorn |

As parents age, they increasingly need help with daily activities such as getting dressed, bathing, and cooking meals. Other seniors are virtually bedridden. Watching our parents decline is difficult. However, there are other practical concerns that loom large. Who will take care of your parents? Can you afford to hire at-home help, or does… Read More »


How to Find a Will

By Eric Millhorn |

Writing a will is technically optional under Florida law. If a person dies without a will, then his or her estate will be distributed to heirs under Florida law. Of course, we recommend that everyone create an estate plan, which might include a will. However, according to USA Today, almost 2 out of 3… Read More »

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