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Events Triggering A Will Update

By Eric Millhorn |

If you already have a will on file, you probably think your estate planning days are over. After all, you’ve already taken the time to inventory your assets, make a provision to charities and allocate distributions to your beneficiaries. Why would you need to update your will now? Actually, several events may necessitate revision…. Read More »


Florida Appellate Updates To Probate & Estate Administration

By Eric Millhorn |

Can an antenuptial or prenuptial agreement outweigh the grantor’s provisions in a signed will and testament, even if the couple was divorced at the time of the grantor’s death? The Florida District Court of Appeals says otherwise. In Sigurtz v. Sigurtz, decided in April of this year, the court ruled that the grantor’s former… Read More »


Should Florida Residents Consider A “Lady Bird” Or Enhanced Life Estate Deed?

By Eric Millhorn |

Nicole and Robert have been married for over 45 years, but neither partner has contemplated legacy planning. They both feel it is too grim to talk about what would happen after their passing, and they trust their three adult children to handle things once they are gone. Now their eldest child Ronald has convinced… Read More »


Understanding Florida Probate And Estate Sales

By Eric Millhorn |

Michael’s parents were avid collectors. They owned an antique store in Central Florida, and what they did not sell at the shop, they brought home to admire. Soon, their home of forty-five years was overwhelmed with trinkets and antique furniture in every corner. Michael explained to his parents that they should try to sell… Read More »


What Happens When A Loved One Dies Without A Will In Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

While most of us know that it is important to draft and update a will, we do not always get around to doing what is best for us. It seems like one more chore on the to do list that we continue to put off, until it is too late. In some cases a… Read More »


New Florida Rules For Administering A Minor Guardianship

By Eric Millhorn |

Last year brought several changes, both administratively and functionally, to estate law and administration in Florida. One of the new rules that went into effect in 2020 regards the administration of minor guardianships. A guardian for a minor child must be appointed by the court in order to serve. Usually, a potential guardian will… Read More »


When Is Fiduciary Accounting Necessary In Florida Probate Actions?

By Eric Millhorn |

Differentiating between probate and estate terms is dizzying. Personal representative, trustee, trust account, executor, decedent, interested party and beneficiary are terms you might hear often, but what does it all mean? Is accounting necessary for all estates? If you create a trust to avoid probate, doesn’t the trustee still have to file account statements?… Read More »


Devising An Estate Plan For Intellectual Property

By Eric Millhorn |

You and your spouse collect rare art and you have also written 3 books. While only 1 book is published, you have several manuscripts and write poetry as a hobby. Your spouse is also an amateur sculptor. You did not mention any of this to your estate law attorney, because what does it have… Read More »


Should You Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?

By Eric Millhorn |

Recent ads in the mail and on daytime television advertise a product that no family should go without, or at least that’s what they claim. That product is long-term care insurance. Is it worth it? Will it really cover all assisted living or home health expenses? What about modifications for disability access? Well, there… Read More »


Estate Planning For New Parents And Grandparents

By Eric Millhorn |

Your family is growing by one and you are finally bringing your bundle of joy home. You already had to add your new baby to your health insurance plan, apply for their social security card and obtain a birth certificate. You also had to find a good pediatrician and navigate medical bills and unexpected… Read More »

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