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Avoiding Probate In Florida – Consider The Alternatives

By Eric Millhorn |

Probate is supervised by a Florida court, and the process identifies assets and debts that were individually owned by a decedent, while ensuring that the decedent’s assets are transferred to the proper beneficiaries. Probate can be complex as two types of probate administration exist in Florida law: summary administration and formal administration. There is… Read More »


How Long Does It Take To Get Aid And Attendance Benefits?

By Eric Millhorn |

As we age, doing daily tasks and going about normal life can be much more challenging. If assistance is necessary to help one get through each day, this does come with a price tag. Depending how much assistance one needs can relate to how much the cost will be. Those that have served their… Read More »


Tax Considerations For Your Estate With Florida And Federal Estate Taxes

By Eric Millhorn |

Putting an estate plan together can be an in-depth and intensive process because of the many aspects to think about and include. One of the most important to consider is how taxes will impact your wealth. Ultimately, no matter how rich you are preparing your estate plan to minimize your tax burden is usually… Read More »


Top 5 Duties Of The Executor Of A Will

By Eric Millhorn |

In Florida, an executor of a will can also go by the name personal representative. This individual has specific duties with respect to the wealth distribution of an established estate that must take place to formally and officially close the estate under the law. This is not a task that is always so straightforward… Read More »


Differences Between A Living Trust And A Testamentary Trust

By Eric Millhorn |

It may not be the most bright and cheery task to work through, but establishing an estate plan and developing end-of-life documents is a necessary one nevertheless. Two types of trusts that can often be confused with each other are Testamentary Trusts and Living Trusts. There are pros and cons to each and figuring… Read More »


What Is The Veteran Population In Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

According to the United States Census Bureau, there were just 18 million veterans in the adult population throughout the United States in 2018. This represents a steep decline from over 26 million during the time period of 2000 through 2018. The number of veterans that resided in the country in 2018 made up 7%… Read More »


Why Long-Term Nursing Care Facilities Are In Strong Demand

By Eric Millhorn |

Long-term nursing home care encompasses a wide range of services that accommodate the needs of elderly individuals. These services can include personal care, health and medical care, supportive assistance, and other vital supportive resources. When individuals age and suffer from disease conditions or other ailments that limit their ability to cognitively, physically, or mentally… Read More »


Top 3 Realities Of Medicaid Benefits

By Eric Millhorn |

Many people feel pretty confident with their knowledge of the services and benefits that they can receive through the government health insurance program Medicare. In the media, it is Medicare that tends to be reported on most often and it is a hot topic politicians like to pontificate about. On the other hand, knowledge… Read More »


Updating An Estate Plan After A Degenerative Brain Disease Diagnosis

By Eric Millhorn |

If you have not yet put together your estate plan or if you have one, it is always a good idea to check in on it every couple of years or as there are major life changes to see if adjustments should be made. Things like marriage, the addition of children, or coming into… Read More »


What Is The Quality Of Nursing Home Facilities In Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

There are over 65,000 regulated nursing homes and long-term care facilities that exist throughout the United States to serve the increasingly growing older population. As a whole, these facilities are the home to more than eight million older Americans. Aging takes a toll on the body and on one’s ability to maintain independence and… Read More »

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