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Recently Moved to The Villages? Have an Attorney Review Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

Every year, thousands of people move to The Villages, and we don’t blame them. Our community has something for almost anyone, including an exciting social scene. If you have recently moved, welcome! However, as established elder law attorneys in the area, we also want to encourage recent arrivals to meet with an attorney to… Read More »


How to Pass Your Home On: Considerations for Women Homeowners

By Eric Millhorn |

A recent story in the Orlando Weekly caught our eye. According to one study, when judging female home ownership, The Villages ranked as the #1 metropolitan area in the entire country. The study looked at the ratio of female home buyers to male home buyers and found that in 2018, 406 men purchased homes… Read More »


COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) POLICY & GUIDELINES

By Eric Millhorn |

Out of an abundance of precaution and as our Clients are our highest priority, our Firm is publishing the steps and procedures our Firm and staff are taking to limit exposure to COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). We are requiring all clients to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building. Although we understand the significance of… Read More »


Legal Issues when Cosigning on Student Loans

By Eric Millhorn |

The statistics are startling: those aged 60 or older carry a combined $60 billion in student loan debt, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. A report from AARP found that the percentage of seniors with student loan debt jumped by more than 20% in every single state from 2016 to 2017…. Read More »


Shopping for Assisted Living: the Basics

By Eric Millhorn |

Assisted living is an attractive option for seniors who need some help with daily tasks but do not need to go into a nursing home. For over 10 years, these residencies have grown faster than any other part of the long-term care industry, as reported by MarketWatch. Seniors and their family members face challenges… Read More »


How the SECURE Act Could Affect You

By Eric Millhorn |

President Trump’s SECURE Act went into effect on the first of this year. The act, which is an acronym for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement, is expected to generate about $16.4 billion in revenue over the decade. In particular, it will generate government revenue by limiting the ability of people to receive… Read More »


New Guardianship Bill Could Protect Florida Seniors

By Eric Millhorn |

Legal guardians play an important role in the life of our senior citizens. When a person can no longer take care of themselves or make legal decision, then another person can step in and fill that role. In many situations, guardianship involves a spouse or child taking over an elderly person’s affairs. However, anyone… Read More »


Should You Serve as a Personal Representative?

By Eric Millhorn |

Almost every estate needs someone to collect estate assets and pay creditor claims. This person is the personal representative of the estate. In Florida, a person will name a personal representative in their will. However, the person named can still decline to serve, and everyone nominated should give careful consideration before agreeing to serve…. Read More »


Challenges Posed by Digital Assets

By Eric Millhorn |

A properly drafted estate plan should dispose of a person’s assets when they die. However, Americans are increasingly owning more and more assets that are not tangible. These digitals assets are real assets, sometimes worth considerable amounts of money, and they must be left to somebody. Below, our estate planning attorneys in The Villages… Read More »


Changes to Social Security in 2020

By Eric Millhorn |

A new year brings changes to Social Security benefits that tens of millions of Americans rely on. For 2020, seniors can expect to receive more in their benefits check and to be allowed to earn more before the Social Security Administration (SSA) deducts benefits. Below, we highlight some of the more significant changes that… Read More »

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