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Qualified Income Trusts And Florida Medicaid Benefits

By Eric Millhorn |

Qualifying for assisted living benefits is something that many people in their golden years may be thinking about, and rightfully so. Assisted living can be quite costly and having the ability to secure assistance with the costs can make getting into a nursing home that meets one’s needs in old age more realistic. The… Read More »


What Is A Lady Bird Deed?

By Eric Millhorn |

The wealth that you acquire over your lifetime, your money, real estate you own, precious jewelry, cars, and other assets that are in your name can be minimal to substantial. Every person’s assets vary and when one dies all of these things are left behind. Where they go and who receives them is dependent… Read More »


5 Interesting Facts About Long Term Health Insurance Coverage In America

By Eric Millhorn |

With age comes new challenges and realities of life that we have to face. Some people age gracefully and can stay independent for the duration of their lives. Many others, though, do not have this luxury. The vast majority of people will require some amount of care in their older years. It is estimated… Read More »


What Can’t A Living Trust Do?

By Eric Millhorn |

Estate planning may not be the most exciting or fun proposition, but it is essential. The importance of evaluating your assets, and determining how they will be dealt with after you have passed can mean a much easier transition, with fewer chances that legal challenges will hamper your wishes for your beloved heirs. It… Read More »


Do You Have To Pay Back Florida Medicaid Benefits After Death?

By Eric Millhorn |

Many people are unaware that in the state of Florida, an elder person’s estate can be subject to paying Medicaid benefits back after their death. Basically, the state of Florida becomes a creditor to an elderly person’s estate after their death for the sum of the benefits that were paid to an elderly person… Read More »


5 Tips To Help Your Parent Plan For The Aging Process

By Eric Millhorn |

If you have an aging parent, then it is likely you think about their longevity and health every day because no day is guaranteed for anyone. But, this notion becomes especially pertinent with an older parent. And while providing them loving care is the ongoing objective, there are other actions that you should take… Read More »


Should You Choose A POD Or TOD Account For Florida Estate Planning?

By Eric Millhorn |

You know it’s time to start planning for your estate but the process is so confusing you don’t know where to begin. One segment of planning involves thinking about your future health needs, another involves thinking about your property, but what about your finances? Perhaps you have heard of a payable on death account… Read More »


How Long Does It Take To Get Aid & Attendance Benefits?

By Eric Millhorn |

Like any state-sponsored benefit, the two most common questions that applicants of Veteran Aid & Attendance benefits have are: How does the process work and what is needed for securing approval? How long does it take to get your benefits? As a veteran, there is the possibility that you could be granted monthly pension… Read More »


3 Reasons That Probate Litigation Happens To An Estate

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person’s estate is administered to their heirs after their death, this process is known as probate. Essentially, a deceased person’s wealth and assets will be transferred to the people named in a will or to other qualified living people. In the absence of an established will in Florida, an estate will be… Read More »


How Much Does Long-Term Care Coverage Cost?

By Eric Millhorn |

As you get older, thinking about the future and the potential life outcomes that could take place can best position you to make good decisions early on that will set you up for realities of life that may transpire. Living happily and safely in your older years is incredibly important which is why planning… Read More »

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