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What Is A Living Will?

By Eric Millhorn |

Most people know what wills are, and what role they play in a person’s estate plan. However, the term living will often causes some confusion, especially if confused with a living trust. A living will is different from both a living trust and a will, and serves a distinct purpose. A living will is… Read More »


Modifications To The Terms Of An Irrevocable Trust

By Eric Millhorn |

Irrevocable trusts are usually intended to last for a long period of time and to provide for the needs of the beneficiaries according to the trust settlor’s wishes. Because the trust is irrevocable, there are rarely any changes made to the terms of the trust unless they were specified within the trust documents. However,… Read More »


Adult Guardianship In Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Not everyone sets up a power of attorney or sets up a health care directive as part of a broader estate plan. Unfortunately, this could mean that if the person becomes incapacitated or mentally unfit to handle his affairs, a guardian may need to be appointed by a court. Usually, a family member requests… Read More »

Expert Interview with Eric Millhorn – Basics in Estate Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

Handling Business Interest As Part Of An Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

Transferring ownership interest in a business can be complicated and require the considerations of how the sale of a business interest will affect multiple aspects of the owner’s life, including estate planning. Business owners in Florida should consider the use of buy-sell agreements in combination with a trust to pass on the proceeds of… Read More »


Digital Assets And Estate Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

The preparation of an estate plan focuses largely on ensuring that beneficiaries receive property or assets after the person creating the plan passes away. The kind of property people typically consider when outlining their wills or trusts is physical property or money in accounts or that will be paid out in insurance policies. One… Read More »


Revoking A Will In Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Writing a will is an important part of estate planning. Depending on the assets owned, a will can be written easily and as long as it meets the legal requirements under Florida law, it will be valid. However, as life changes, a person who writes a will may want to make certain changes in… Read More »


Challenges To Lifetime Gifts And Property Transfers

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person leaves property to his family members and loved ones in a will or trust, there is always a possibility that someone will challenge the validity of the bequests after the death of the testator. While challenges to gifts to beneficiaries that are distributed after the testator’s death are expected, there is… Read More »


Inheriting Real Estate In A Different State

By Eric Millhorn |

Owning real estate in multiple states can make good financial sense for some people. However, it can also raise some problems when it comes to estate planning and leaving the out of state property to different heirs. The problems that may arise can be anticipated and taken care of with some planning on the… Read More »


Ademption And Failed Bequests In Florida Wills

By Eric Millhorn |

Not every person who makes a will remembers to update it following significant changes that could affect the nature of gifts that were bequeathed in the will. Unfortunately, failing to update a will could result in a beneficiary losing out on an inheritance. Generally, a testator may make a general bequest to a beneficiary… Read More »

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