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Is Florida Really Retirement Heaven for Seniors?

By Eric Millhorn |

Florida draws millions of retirees to our state, drawn by the beautiful weather and zero personal income tax. However, a recent study suggests that the state only performs in the middle of the pack on measures of senior wellbeing. As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, Florida ranked only 29th of all 50 states in… Read More »


Can Seniors Use Ridesharing Services?

By Eric Millhorn |

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized transportation. Instead of having to stand at the curb and hold your hand up for a taxi, people can use an app to request an Uber or Lyft right to their door. Ridesharing services are also cheaper than traditional taxi cabs and with a comparative level… Read More »


Should You Use Online Notarization for Legal Documents?

By Eric Millhorn |

Many legal documents need to be notarized. The purpose of having a document notarized is that a person (the notary public) has authenticated your identity before you sign. Notarization has been a helpful bulwark to reduce fraud for centuries. However, Florida has been considering whether to allow for online notarization for years. According to… Read More »


Are You a Later-in-Life Parent Seeking an Estate Plan?

By Eric Millhorn |

Increasingly, many older Americans are becoming parents. They might have remarried in their 50s or 60s and had children. Or it might have taken a while to get to a point where they felt comfortable having a first child with their spouse. Becoming a later-in-life parent can be exciting and exhausting. But it also… Read More »


New Scam Uses DNA Testing Kits

By Eric Millhorn |

At Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, our estate planning lawyers stay on top of the latest scams targeting senior citizens. Scammers have cost Floridians millions of dollars over the years, so we do our best to highlight the latest tactics. If there’s one thing we can count on, it is that scammers never rest…. Read More »


What to Do with Difficult Assets in Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

When drafting an estate plan, most of our clients worry about who to leave their home to, as well as what they should do with cash in a savings account or investments like stocks and bonds. However, there are some assets that are very complicated to deal with in an estate plan. You might… Read More »


Did Aretha Franklin Leave a Will?

By Eric Millhorn |

The Queen of Soul died way back in August 2018, but her estate is still being probated. The issue? We aren’t entirely sure whether Aretha Franklin left a valid will to dispose of her property. According to Yahoo, Franklin actually had three wills in existence at the time of death. Her family apparently believed… Read More »


Estate Planning and Your Small Business

By Eric Millhorn |

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and the thought of leaving it to someone else could fill you with terror. However, failing to make plans for your succession could be disastrous. After your death, the business you worked so hard to grow could fall into the wrong hands and end up dissolving before… Read More »


Financial Planner Who Scammed Elderly is Sent to Prison

By Eric Millhorn |

Some good news this week. Readers of our blog know that we frequently warn our readers to be on high alert for scams that target seniors. Many of these scams are perpetrated by fraudsters who prey on the elderly and get them to think that the scammer only has their best interest at heart…. Read More »


Myths about Alzheimer’s Disease

By Eric Millhorn |

Almost 6 million Americans currently have Alzheimer’s disease, and the numbers could explode in the coming years. Although many people fear the disease, there is unfortunately a lot of inaccurate information floating around the web. This misinformation ends up hurting people by delaying a proper response to a diagnosis. According to WebMD, here are… Read More »

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