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Social Media And Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

Social media. It is everywhere, and everyone seems to have a Facebook and Twitter account. Maybe you created a social media account, only to rarely use it. Perhaps social media is a great platform to communicate with children or grandchildren, or it used to store and share photos of loved ones. Whatever social media… Read More »


Florida Woman Sentenced To 145 Months In Prison For Elder Fraud Scam

By Eric Millhorn |

A West Palm Beach woman was recently sentenced to 145 months in prison for an elder fraud scheme. The defendant, Edtronda Simon, and co-conspirators defrauded multiple seniors in South Florida of more than 1.4 million in funds. The defendants would cold-call vulnerable and unsuspecting seniors purporting to be a bank fraud investigator and claiming… Read More »


Are Florida Veterans Entitled To Other Benefits In Addition To A Pension?

By Eric Millhorn |

There are millions of veterans in the United States eligible for benefits they may not be receiving already. Even if you contacted your local Veteran’s Affairs office, you might not know about VA Aid and Attendance benefits. Our attorneys at Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group specialize in assisting veterans and their families to determine… Read More »


How Can You Protect An Elderly Loved One At Risk For A Fall Or Injury?

By Eric Millhorn |

Talking with our elderly loved ones about needing more help at home is often challenging. It can be a difficult subject as our parents may be resisting the thought of needing assisted living or at home health care. They may feel that they risk losing independence as they age. Unfortunately, the risk of falls… Read More »


Preparing For A Florida Probate Action? Don’t Forget These Tasks.

By Eric Millhorn |

Melissa recently lost her elderly mom, Janet. She has been so consumed with grief that she is finding it difficult to discuss the tasks she knows need to be accomplished. Her mom did not leave a will and she has no idea where to find copies of bills, bank statements, etc. She has not… Read More »


What Is A Florida Qualified Personal Residence Trust?

By Eric Millhorn |

Magda and Russell own a large, expansive home near Lake Denham. They are starting to look into long-term planning and think it might be time to downsize and rent a smaller apartment with less to maintain, but they want the home to remain in the family. After all, so many wonderful memories were shared… Read More »


3 Reasons Why A DIY Florida Will Or Trust Is Not Advised

By Eric Millhorn |

Alex did a quick Google search for free will templates online. He found so many templates he didn’t know which to choose from, and finally he picked one that appeared to be from a reputable website and he was able to download it to his desktop. It seemed pretty simple, but it was also… Read More »


What Are The Costs Associated With A Florida Probate Action?

By Eric Millhorn |

Ideally, estate planning is tackled before a crisis occurs, and long before someone’s health prevents them from making informed decisions about their assets and liabilities. However, reality sets in, life is hectic, people get busy and put off applying for life insurance, drafting a will or preparing their estate to avoid probate. Some people… Read More »


Legacy Planning For A Child Or Grandchild’s Education

By Eric Millhorn |

You want to provide for your grandchild’s future education, but you are not sure what the best option is. There is a lot of misinformation out there. If you invest in a 529 Plan, does your grandchild have to attend school in Florida? Should you leave your grandchildren money in your will? What if… Read More »


What Happens To A Florida Timeshare After A Loved One Passes Away?

By Eric Millhorn |

Jack and Amber purchased a timeshare for a small property in West Palm Beach about ten years ago. When Amber passed away Jack discussed the possibility of their children occupying the timeshare when he passed on. Jack’s children have no interest in paying timeshare fees, being roped into the contract and have no intention… Read More »

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