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What Are The Signs Of Financial Elder Abuse?

By Eric Millhorn |

Many elderly people struggle with managing, and going about, their day-to-day lives. This can lead to elder abuse of various sorts, including financial elder abuse. Going over the signs of financial elder abuse, and speaking with an estate planning lawyer, will allow your elderly loved one to protect their financial assets.  What Is Financial… Read More »


Is A Handwritten Will Valid In The State Of Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

To answer the question outlined above, “Yes, a handwritten will is valid in the state of Florida.” But, the above is true only if certain conditions are met. If these conditions are not met, then your handwritten will is not valid in the state of Florida. Going over the ways in which you can… Read More »


Are Probate Records Public Information?

By Eric Millhorn |

Every probate record is considered public information within the state of Florida. Given this fact, most of the information these records contain is also public and, as such, accessible to those who wish to access it. Going over what it means for your probate records to be public information, and speaking with a Florida… Read More »


Is A Power Of Attorney Important, When Developing An Estate Plan?

By Eric Millhorn |

The answer to the question outlined above is “Yes, a power of attorney is important, when developing an estate plan.” Going over the ways in which a power of attorney is important, and speaking with an estate planning lawyer, will allow you to develop an effective estate plan that includes a good power of… Read More »


Is Developing An “I Love You” Will A Good Idea?

By Eric Millhorn |

You may have heard of a type of will referred to as an “I love you will.” And, you may be interested in developing a will of that sort. But, even though this type of will may sound right for you, it is likely not. Going over the flaws that an “I love you”… Read More »


The Process Of Establishing Guardianship In The State Of Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

To establish a guardianship within the state of Florida, there is a process that must be followed. Familiarizing yourself with this process, and speaking with an attorney, allows you to establish the appropriate guardianship arrangement. What Is Guardianship In The State Of Florida? A guardian is a decision-maker who has been appointed to make… Read More »


What Are The 3 Most Common Ways A Trust Can Fail?

By Eric Millhorn |

A trust can fail in many different ways. But, there are three ways, in particular, that are the most common. By being aware of these reasons, it will be easier for you to work with a trust administration lawyer and to avoid them. What Are The Benefits Of A Trust?  A trust offers a… Read More »


If You Have Unpaid Bills During Probate, What Happens To Them?

By Eric Millhorn |

Sometimes, a person dies with unpaid bills. And, when their estate goes through probate, these unpaid bills must be dealt with. Going over what happens to unpaid bills during probate, and speaking with a Florida probate lawyer at the Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, will allow you to obtain the best possible outcome when… Read More »


3 Things You Might Forget To Include In Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

A wide variety of things can, and should, be included in your estate plan. Many of these things are very easy to remember and include – a house, for example – but others are not. To ensure that your estate plan includes everything it must include, you can find three things you might forget… Read More »


Does Medicare Or Medicaid Pay For Nursing Care?

By Eric Millhorn |

When certain conditions are met, Medicare and Medicaid can, and will, pay for a patient’s nursing care. Being aware of these conditions, and speaking with a long-term care planning lawyer, will make it easier to obtain nursing care through Medicare and/or Medicaid.  Does Medicare Or Medicaid Pay For Nursing Care?  The answer to the… Read More »

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