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The Costs of Medicare Advantage Plans are Dropping

By Eric Millhorn |

We have good news. According to a fact sheet released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the average premium for Medicare Advantage plans continues to drop and will be lower in 2019 than it was for 2018. This should be welcome news to seniors on a tight budget, who can now… Read More »


Aging on Your Own

By Eric Millhorn |

Unlike their parents’ generation, many Baby Boomers have never had children. As a result, they face the prospect of growing old alone, especially if they are divorced or have never married. There is no reason to fear growing old alone, but you do need to be especially organized. The sooner you begin making plans,… Read More »


Should You Have a Letter of Instruction?

By Eric Millhorn |

A comprehensive estate plan should include a will or trust as well as advance directives, like a living will and a designation of health care surrogate. Another helpful estate planning tool is the letter of instruction, though few have it. Unlike the other documents mentioned above, a letter of instruction is not legally binding…. Read More »


Is it Time to Update Your Advance Directives?

By Eric Millhorn |

Advance directives like living wills and powers of attorney are an essential part of any estate plan. Should you become incapacitated, you will need someone to manage your finances and make healthcare decisions for you. However, many people fail to update their advance directives as circumstances change, and as a result they are not… Read More »


3 Problems when Administering a Trust

By Eric Millhorn |

Many people make a trust an integral part of their estate plan. Trusts can offer many advantages, including the ability to pass assets outside probate. However, someone needs to administer the trust. Many people serve as the initial trustee, but after their deaths someone must take over, often a family member or a close… Read More »


Protecting Seniors from Identity Theft

By Eric Millhorn |

Senior citizens are popular targets for identity thieves. Not only do many seniors have more savings than younger people, but many are isolated from family and friends and will never report the theft. To protect yourself or a loved one from identity theft, follow the tips below. Avoid Giving Out Personal Information Identity thieves… Read More »


Watch for Signs of Caregiver Stress

By Eric Millhorn |

Taking care of an elderly spouse or other relative is a stressful experience. Many caregivers suffer in silence, afraid to reach out for help as they put their own needs behind those of their loved one. Unfortunately, as doctors have been warning for years, being a caregiver is an exhausting experience. Many people will… Read More »


Three Common Misconceptions About Medicaid Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

For most middle-class people, Medicaid planning is an essential part of any estate plan. Although people might think they can draft their own will with the help of online software, the truth is that Medicaid planning requires a trip to the lawyer’s office. However, many people hesitate to contact us about Medicaid planning, perhaps… Read More »


Considerations When Naming A Beneficiary To Your Retirement Account

By Eric Millhorn |

To have a proper estate plan, you will need either a will or a trust (or both). However, some property will pass outside of probate by other means. One such asset will be your retirement account. Once you identify who you want to receive your benefits after you die, you will designate them by… Read More »


Medicare Part A Coverage

By Eric Millhorn |

Medicare Part A covers up to 100 days of patient care in skilled nursing facilities and hospitals, and is a great benefit to have as a senior. If you are 65 or older and entitled to Social Security benefits, you are eligible for Part A. Even better, there is no charge for premiums, unlike… Read More »

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