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How Does Gifting Play Into Your Estate Plan?

By Eric Millhorn |

Every estate plan contains a space for gifts. Right before someone chooses what gifts to give, and who to give them to, it’s important to understand what gifting is and how it plays into their estate plan. What Is Gifting?  A gift is “a voluntary transfer of a benefit without the need for any… Read More »


Setting Up A Trust For Your Pet

By Eric Millhorn |

A wide variety of advantages can come from setting up a pet trust. Going over these advantages, and speaking with a lawyer regarding your situation, will allow you to determine if you should set up a trust for your pet.  What Is A Pet Trust?  Right before we go over what a pet trust… Read More »


Are There Any Reasons Why Your Beneficiaries Might Refuse An Inheritance?

By Eric Millhorn |

Every beneficiary possesses the right to refuse an inheritance. Being aware of why they might do so, and speaking with a lawyer, makes it easier to prevent this from occurring. Are There Any Reasons Why Your Beneficiaries Might Refuse An Inheritance?  The answer to the question outlined above is “Yes.” A beneficiary has the… Read More »


The 6 Types Of Guardianship In The State Of Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

The state of Florida offers six basic types of guardianship. Going over what these are, and speaking with a guardianship attorney, will allow you to determine which guardianship arrangement is most appropriate.  What Is Guardianship?  Guardianship is a term that refers to an individual who has been given the ability to manage either the… Read More »


Should You Use A Safety Deposit Box To Store Important Estate Planning Documents?

By Eric Millhorn |

A safety deposit box offers a variety of advantages. But, even though these advantages are present, a safety deposit box also offers a number of disadvantages. Being aware of these advantages and disadvantages, and speaking with an estate planning lawyer, will allow you to determine if using a safety deposit box is the right… Read More »


What Are 3 Reasons Why An Older Estate Plan Might Fail?

By Eric Millhorn |

A good estate plan is absolutely essential. But, if this estate plan is older, and has yet to be updated, then it may lead to some less-than-desirable outcomes. What Is An Estate Plan?  Right before we go over the three reasons why an older estate plan might fail, we must first define what, exactly,… Read More »


How Can You Protect Your Assets From The Costs Of Long-Term Care?

By Eric Millhorn |

The costs of long-term care are significant. Many people find themselves needing to spend the majority of their assets – if not all of their assets – to obtain the long-term care that they need. Even though the above is true, there is a way to protect your assets from the costs of long-term… Read More »


What Are The Financial Benefits Of A Durable Power Of Attorney In Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

Within the state of Florida, a Durable Power Of Attorney – or “DPOA,” for short – is a document that allows another person to manage your financial affairs. Being aware of what a DPOA allows for, with regards to one’s finances, makes it easier to determine if setting up a DPOA is the right… Read More »


What Are The Two Estate Planning Mistakes That Will Lead To Probate?

By Eric Millhorn |

Probate serves a function. But, even so, probate also serves to prevent your beneficiaries from receiving their assets in a timely, inexpensive manner. Given the facts above, avoiding probate can, and should, be one of your major estate planning goals. To reach this goal, though, there are two mistakes you must avoid. Why Is… Read More »


What Are The Best Ways To Fund Your Trust?

By Eric Millhorn |

To ensure that your trust offers value to you, as well as your beneficiaries, you must fund it. But, that’s not all you must do: you must also ensure that your trust is funded and that the necessary actions are taken. What Is A Trust And Why Do You Need To Fund It?  A… Read More »

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