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Do You Own Property in Another State? Meet with Our Estate Planning Attorney

By Eric Millhorn |

Many of our clients own property in more than one state. Maybe they moved to Florida but have not yet sold their home back in New Jersey or New York. Or maybe they inherited a piece of property from their parents. Other clients have multiple homes and spend part of the year outside of… Read More »


Dementia Diagnosis? Contact an Elder Law Attorney

By Eric Millhorn |

Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be devastating. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, nearly 6 million people in the United States live with dementia. Some people are at the end of their lives, though hundreds of thousands of people receive a diagnosis before age 65. If you’ve been diagnosed with dementia, it is vital that… Read More »


How the Stimulus Benefits Seniors

By Eric Millhorn |

President Trump has signed the $900 billion stimulus package passed by Congress, and there is plenty in the bill that will affect seniors in The Villages. Morningstar has identified some of the most important provisions that will impact our community. Stimulus Checks As with the first stimulus passed back in April, many members of… Read More »


5 Reasons People Put Off Creating an Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

According to AARP, about 60% of Americans do not have an estate plan in place. With the continuing coronavirus pandemic, this makes little sense. Instead, we encourage all people in The Villages to create an estate plan as soon as possible. With decades of collective experience, we have heard all sorts of reasons for… Read More »


COVID Vaccine Does Not Mean Seniors are Out of the Woods

By Eric Millhorn |

Three drug manufacturers have recently announced data from their clinical trials for a coronavirus vaccine, and the results are impressive. Two of the manufacturers have shown that their vaccines can provide up to 95% protection from infection. The third has also shown strong results—roughly 70% protection, though it, too, can provide almost 90% protection… Read More »


Holiday Shopping Scams

By Eric Millhorn |

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, we anticipate that our neighbors in The Villages will begin focusing on holiday shopping. Protecting your personal data should be at the forefront while buying gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, scammers are always devising new ways to steal data and commit identity theft. Others… Read More »


What Are ABLE Accounts?

By Eric Millhorn |

One of the problems for people with disabilities is that many government programs are means tested. Consequently, a disabled person with too much money jeopardizes their ability to receive government assistance. If they receive a generous gift from a family member or an inheritance, they might be disqualified. Fortunately, the government stepped up and… Read More »


Should You Change Your Personal Representative?

By Eric Millhorn |

One of the most important estate planning decisions is choosing the right personal representative. In Florida, this is the person who will shepherd your estate through the probate process. He or she will collect estate assets, keep them safe, and pay any bills you owed at death. Then the personal representative will distribute your… Read More »


Are You a Veteran? Don’t Overlook Aid and Attendance Benefits

By Eric Millhorn |

Long-term care or at-home care is incredibly expensive. In Florida, a year in a nursing home can cost over $100,000 for even a shared room, which is far more than many people can afford. Fortunately, America’s war-time veterans might qualify for financial help from Veterans Affairs. At Millhorn Law Firm, our attorneys have assisted… Read More »


Higher Estate and Gift Tax Limits for 2021

By Eric Millhorn |

We aren’t entirely sure of what the new year will bring, but one thing we are confident of: our clients will be able to leave more of their money to their loved ones tax free. The IRS recently announced that the official estate and gift tax limits are increasing in 2021. We encourage residents… Read More »

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