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Should You Choose A POD Or TOD Account For Florida Estate Planning?

By Eric Millhorn |

You know it’s time to start planning for your estate but the process is so confusing you don’t know where to begin. One segment of planning involves thinking about your future health needs, another involves thinking about your property, but what about your finances? Perhaps you have heard of a payable on death account… Read More »


How Long Does It Take To Get Aid & Attendance Benefits?

By Eric Millhorn |

Like any state-sponsored benefit, the two most common questions that applicants of Veteran Aid & Attendance benefits have are: How does the process work and what is needed for securing approval? How long does it take to get your benefits? As a veteran, there is the possibility that you could be granted monthly pension… Read More »


3 Reasons That Probate Litigation Happens To An Estate

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person’s estate is administered to their heirs after their death, this process is known as probate. Essentially, a deceased person’s wealth and assets will be transferred to the people named in a will or to other qualified living people. In the absence of an established will in Florida, an estate will be… Read More »


How Much Does Long-Term Care Coverage Cost?

By Eric Millhorn |

As you get older, thinking about the future and the potential life outcomes that could take place can best position you to make good decisions early on that will set you up for realities of life that may transpire. Living happily and safely in your older years is incredibly important which is why planning… Read More »


Predatory Professional Guardians And Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

The exploitation of elderly people and predatory guardianship sound awful, and they are. But, even with laws and other procedural protections in place, these incidents still happen. And recently, many incidents have come to light. The number of occurrences that have been uncovered depicts an unsettling trend of a problem that continues to grow… Read More »


Is A Holographic Will Legally Enforceable In Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

Alex’s mom Estelle told him he had nothing to worry about after she passed away, and that her estate planning to do list was checked off. When she passed away, Alex only found a piece of paper entitled “will”, written in Estelle’s own handwriting. It was unsigned and not witnessed. What Alex is describing… Read More »


Tips For Discussing Estate And End Of Life Planning With Family

By Eric Millhorn |

It is recommended to establish an estate plan while you are healthy and then review it every three to five years or as significant life changes take place to make sure that it is up to date. Having an estate plan that accurately reflects your wishes will allow your assets and wealth to be… Read More »


Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Medicaid Planning Representative

By Eric Millhorn |

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen, including unexpected illness and death. As you get older, the prospects of developing a health ailment that greatly impacts your life become more of a reality than when you were younger. There is no way to know for sure what the future holds. This is why defending… Read More »


Protecting Vulnerable Villages Residents From The Omicron Variant

By Eric Millhorn |

The Omicron variant has cast a dark shadow on the 2021 holiday season and is forecasted to continue to impact communities throughout the United States and abroad in 2022. While the World Health Organization is not quite sure of the severity of the variant, elderly people and people with comorbidities remain vulnerable and susceptible… Read More »


A Guide For Choosing A Nursing Home Or Long-Term Care Facility In Central Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Your parents are no longer able to keep up with household tasks or cook for themselves. They need assistance with changing and bathing as well. You hired a home health nurse, but she is only available a couple hours a day to check in and complete chores. You strongly believe your parents need around… Read More »

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