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Communication Is Key To Reduce Arguments Over End-Of-Life Documents


Nobody wants to think of the day that their loved one passes away. Likewise, not many people want to dwell on the end of their life. However, anyone aged 18 years and over must have some estate planning documents in place to protect their wishes, their assets, and their beneficiaries. And while being proactive about estate planning is a good thing, it can be difficult to know if what is laid out in the estate plan will be agreeable to all those included or not named.

Unfortunately, disputes and disagreements over wills and other aspects of a person’s estate plan happen often. A common question and goal that individuals who put their estate plan together have are: What can be done to reduce the chances that in-fighting will result? After all, most people do not want their loved ones at odds with each other after they pass.

If you have questions about wills, trusts, and other estate planning tools, The Villages, FL estate planning attorneys at Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group can help you.

Tips for Minimizing Arguments Over An Estate After Death 

There is no way to completely know that there will never be any disagreements or controversy over one’s estate after they have passed on. That does not mean there are not things that can be done to minimize fighting from happening.

As you meet with your estate planning attorney, you will discuss what your specific goals are, and your attorney will provide you with options and estate planning tools that can best meet your expectations. The reason why you may decide to leave assets to one person over another or why you structured a trust in a certain way may not be understood by your loved ones. So, the best thing to do is to be open, honest, and communicative about how you are working through the estate planning process. Additionally, you can talk about why you are choosing to do things a certain way.

You may still experience some kickback and even contention when discussing things. However, you are in a better position to go over things and potentially quash misunderstandings or concerns when you are of sound mind than when you are incapacitated. Communicating also allows your loved ones to give their opinions and feedback. They could say something that makes sense to you and that you didn’t necessarily consider before talking with them.

When everyone is on the same page, down the road, when the estate plan comes into play, and after you have passed on, confusion or shock at how an estate plan was put together is likely going to be minimal. Maybe there will be no quarrels at all because everyone knows what to expect.

Speak to a Florida Estate Planning Attorney Today 

Ultimately, decisions related to your estate plan are yours alone. But being open and transparent about your goals with your loved ones can make everyone feel better about your wishes and possibly even significantly reduce the chances of arguments.

If you would like to put an estate plan together or have one that you would like to adjust, you can schedule a free consultation with a Florida estate planning lawyer at Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group. Call today at 800-743-9732.



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