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Tag Archives: Affordable Care Act

What is Florida’s Medically Needy Program, and How Does it Work?

By Eric Millhorn |

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many states have enacted laws expanding Medicaid coverage by offering insurance to more people than were previously eligible. However, not all states participate in Medicaid expansion. Florida remains one of several states that have opted out of expansion; therefore, it is very difficult for adults to… Read More »

The ABCs of Medicare: Knowing the Basics

By Eric Millhorn |

Over the past few years, American healthcare has undergone a huge overhaul. From the Affordable Care Act to Medicaid expansion, Americans are struggling to decipher the rules and regulations that apply to health insurance coverage. Elder law attorneys often advise clients on health coverage just as much as they assist with end-of-life and estate… Read More »

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