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Tag Archives: Florida Elder Law Attorney

What Are Advance Directives?

By Eric Millhorn |

As we get older there are a lot of things that we need to start considering. One thing that we need to make sure we have completed are our advance directives. People of all ages should complete their advance directives and make them available for their loved ones and medical professionals, but this becomes… Read More »

How Everyday People Can Maximize the Benefits of Life Insurance

By Eric Millhorn |

If you are like most Americans, your heirs are probably not going to be greeted by a bank president upon your death. They may not inherit billions of dollars in an offshore trust. However, trusts are not just for the wealthy. There are some clever tricks that everyday people can use to ensure their… Read More »

Spendthrift Trusts not Just for the Wealthy

By Eric Millhorn |

Research tends to show that people who come into large sums of money often burn through it pretty quickly. Consider these examples of people who won millions only to have their lives completely deteriorate. From drugs and lavish lifestyles to reckless gambling and ruined marriages, new money can be a very dangerous thing to… Read More »

2015 Report Ranks Florida 33rd in Senior Health

By Eric Millhorn |

For millions of American retirees, Florida is a lifelong dream. Mild winters, plentiful beaches, and year-round activities make our state on of the best places to retire. This is further proven by the rise in Florida boomtowns like the Villages, which is presently the fastest growing town in America, as reported by CNBC.com. With… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Creating a Florida Life Estate: Part Two – The Drawbacks

By Eric Millhorn |

In the last post on Florida life estates, we looked at some of the potential benefits of sidestepping probate by conveying real estate using a life estate. This simple and effective transfer allows a life tenant to have unfettered use of the property while alive, while allowing another party to have the ultimate title… Read More »

Qualifying for Veterans Nursing Home Care

By Eric Millhorn |

Veterans of the Armed Forces have several added benefits when it comes to retirement and long-term care planning. When consulting your Florida elder law attorney about planning for nursing home care, it is important to consider all the options. In addition to treatment in VA operated medical facilities, many veterans also qualify for additional… Read More »

Choosing the Right Florida Nursing Home: Five Things to Look For

By Eric Millhorn |

Florida is one of America’s best retirement destinations and is home to wonderful attractions, tropical weather, and world-class healthcare. Likewise, many older adults are finding that Florida also offers some of the finest long-term care facilities in the country. When discussing a retirement and estate plan with your Florida elder law attorney, one important… Read More »

Florida College Savings: A terrific way to give

By Eric Millhorn |

For Florida seniors looking to lower their taxable estate, annual gifts may be just the ticket. Many seniors wonder about this because not too long ago estate taxes were a real threat to upper middle class earnings. This is not as true these days, as the maximum exclusion limits risen significantly. Nevertheless, there are… Read More »

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