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Estate Planning With Children With Special Needs In Mind

By Eric Millhorn |

When parents with special needs children decide to put together an estate plan, they are not just thinking about how they will be taken care of in the later stages of life, or how their affairs will be handled after they pass away. They have to consider their children in all aspects of their… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Special Needs Trusts

By Eric Millhorn |

Special needs trusts are an important estate planning tool for people who have disabled relatives or other loved ones. However, people often have many questions about these trusts. Indeed, it is important to remember that every person’s situation is unique, and to get the most accurate answers for your situation you should talk to… Read More »

Special Needs Trusts

By Eric Millhorn |

Special needs trusts are a great way to help provide for someone with disabilities without jeopardizing his or her access to public benefits programs. If you have a disabled family member under the age of 65 you may want to think about including a special needs trust in your estate plan. What is a… Read More »

Using Trusts to Provide for Minor Children and Disabled Adults

By Eric Millhorn |

Most people worry about providing for their children after death. Wills and trusts offer unique vehicles through which people can provide financial security for future generations. However, for those with disabled adult children or minor children, there is the added concern about who will care for those children and how. Some of the big… Read More »

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