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Author Archives: Jay Butchko


What Are Some Uncommon, But Very Useful, Tips To Remember When Preparing A Will?

By Eric Millhorn |

Every will must be prepared in the proper manner. A will that is prepared in an improper manner can lead to legal complications down the road. Outside of the tips outlined below, one of the best ways for you to prepare your will is to work with a Villages estate planning attorney. By doing… Read More »


What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Probate?

By Eric Millhorn |

Going through the probate process offers a variety of advantages and disadvantages. By being aware of these advantages and disadvantages, you can determine if working with a probate attorney and through probate is the right choice for you.  What Is Probate?  The definition of “probate” is as follows: a judicial procedure in which a… Read More »


How To Provide For Your Grandchildren Through Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

When you become a grandparent, this is an exciting and special time in your life. As a significant life event, the addition of grandchildren is a reason to take a look at your estate plan and see where you can make adjustments so that your grandchildren are included. There are several estate planning tools… Read More »


3 Things That You Cannot Include In Your Will

By Eric Millhorn |

When estate planning, there are several tools that you can use to meet your ultimate objectives of ensuring your estate goes to whom you choose, that your beneficiaries will be taken care of, and that your loved ones may not have to suffer costly legal battles when you are gone. You may decide to… Read More »


The Biggest Advantage Of A Living Trust

By Eric Millhorn |

When you are developing an estate plan, there are several tools available to you that can choose to minimize your estate’s tax burden, safeguard your assets and wealth, and protect beneficiaries. Not every tool is a good match for everyone. This is why working with an estate planning attorney can be beneficial. An attorney… Read More »


What Is The Probate Process?

By Eric Millhorn |

Sometimes, going through the probate process is necessary. By being aware of what this process consists of and working with a probate attorney it’s easier to go through the process and obtain the best possible legal outcome.  What Is The Probate Process?  The probate process is a court process that consists of the following… Read More »


How Isolation And Loneliness Can Lead To Deception In The Elderly Population

By Eric Millhorn |

People are social animals by our nature. We crave human intersections, and while some of us need much more stimulation from others, we all need some interaction and attention from time to time. Without the human-to-human connection, there are several studies that show a person’s health and cognitive abilities can be negatively affected. This… Read More »


What Are Activities Of Daily Living And How Do They Impact Aid And Attendance Benefits?

By Eric Millhorn |

A veteran who served a minimum of 90 days of active duty during certain periods of war may be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits. These benefits offer additional payment to a pension to help pay for long-term care services. As a tax-free benefit, certain veterans and their spouses who struggle with activities of… Read More »


Communication Is Key To Reduce Arguments Over End-Of-Life Documents

By Eric Millhorn |

Nobody wants to think of the day that their loved one passes away. Likewise, not many people want to dwell on the end of their life. However, anyone aged 18 years and over must have some estate planning documents in place to protect their wishes, their assets, and their beneficiaries. And while being proactive… Read More »


Can You Pay For Your Own Funeral?

By Eric Millhorn |

It usually is not the most exciting or delightful conversation, that is, discussing what you want to happen for your funeral once you pass on. Thinking of one’s own demise or reminding loved ones that no one’s life lasts forever can be a sad realization to have to broach. Still, it is an important… Read More »

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