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Category Archives: Estate Lawyer


How to Find a Will

By Eric Millhorn |

Writing a will is technically optional under Florida law. If a person dies without a will, then his or her estate will be distributed to heirs under Florida law. Of course, we recommend that everyone create an estate plan, which might include a will. However, according to USA Today, almost 2 out of 3… Read More »


Should You Mediate a Probate Dispute?

By Eric Millhorn |

Most estates are probated without any controversy. However, sometimes parties disagree about certain issues. For example, a creditor might make a claim for payment that the personal representative does not believe is legitimate. Probate disputes can be lengthy and time-consuming. In Charles Dickens’ famous novel, Bleak House, a probate dispute ends up eating the… Read More »


How to Reduce Costs of Long-Term Care

By Eric Millhorn |

Nobody wants to spend the end of their life in a nursing home, but millions of people will. And the cost is eye-popping. According to Senior Living, the average annual cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home in Florida is almost $100,000. It might be more or less depending on where you… Read More »


What are No Contest Clauses and Do You Need One

By Eric Millhorn |

Most people dread the possibility of a will contest. A contest can take years to resolve, but they are expensive to defend. As a result, there is usually much less money left in the estate to distribute to heirs after a lengthy will contest. To dissuade people from challenging a will, many lawyers started… Read More »

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