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Category Archives: Estate Planning


What Happens When A Loved One Dies Without A Will In Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

While most of us know that it is important to draft and update a will, we do not always get around to doing what is best for us. It seems like one more chore on the to do list that we continue to put off, until it is too late. In some cases a… Read More »


When Is Fiduciary Accounting Necessary In Florida Probate Actions?

By Eric Millhorn |

Differentiating between probate and estate terms is dizzying. Personal representative, trustee, trust account, executor, decedent, interested party and beneficiary are terms you might hear often, but what does it all mean? Is accounting necessary for all estates? If you create a trust to avoid probate, doesn’t the trustee still have to file account statements?… Read More »


Devising An Estate Plan For Intellectual Property

By Eric Millhorn |

You and your spouse collect rare art and you have also written 3 books. While only 1 book is published, you have several manuscripts and write poetry as a hobby. Your spouse is also an amateur sculptor. You did not mention any of this to your estate law attorney, because what does it have… Read More »


Estate Planning For New Parents And Grandparents

By Eric Millhorn |

Your family is growing by one and you are finally bringing your bundle of joy home. You already had to add your new baby to your health insurance plan, apply for their social security card and obtain a birth certificate. You also had to find a good pediatrician and navigate medical bills and unexpected… Read More »


Signs Of Elder Abuse To Remember

By Eric Millhorn |

Last year, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes and assisted living centers were at the epicenter of death and illness. Only recently are nursing homes open to the public and to visits from loved ones. Many nursing home staff members were required to stay on campus to limit exposure to the… Read More »


Can You Include An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) In Your Estate?

By Eric Millhorn |

You worked hard all your life at the same job, and continuously made contributions to an IRA to secure your retirement. The IRA has grown exponentially because it is a tax-deferred account and the owner does not have to take distributions until they are at least 70. Now there is more than enough in… Read More »


American Rescue Plan Expands Medicaid Home And Community-Based Waivers For Seniors

By Eric Millhorn |

Many Americans know that the recently passed American Rescue Plan extended unemployment benefits due to the Covid -19 pandemic and provided fourteen hundred dollar stimulus payments to Americans and their dependents who make less than $75,000 AGI per year if single or $150,000 if filing jointly. In addition to stimulus payments, the American Rescue… Read More »


Estate Planning, Healthcare Proxies, & HIPAA: Understanding Your Privacy Rights

By Eric Millhorn |

The American Rescue Plan Act recently passed, and it expands eligibility for many citizens to obtain tax credit premiums for the cost of health insurance. It also expands funding for the Older Americans Act (OAA) in addition to Medicaid Home Health Services. But many consumers have questions about privacy rights and healthcare organizations, given… Read More »


Grounds For Contesting A Decedent’s Will In Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

You were made the executor of your mother’s estate. You are one of seven children, but maintained a close relationship with your mother throughout her life and cared for as aged. Now that she has passed your attorney has notified you of your duties as executor and read the will to you and your… Read More »


Appealing a Probate Order in Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

You’ve just learned that the probate court has ruled on your father’s estate. There was no will, but you presented evidence to demonstrate your father’s intentions and wishes to leave a majority of his assets to you. Despite your best efforts, the court has ruled that you are to receive far less than what… Read More »

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