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Category Archives: Wills


How to Avoid a Will Contest

By Eric Millhorn |

Estate planning is supposed to provide peace of mind. With a detailed estate plan, our clients know exactly who will receive what when they die. However, will contests are always a possibility. Disappointed heirs could allege that you lacked capacity or were coerced into signing your will. They might bring a lawsuit to have… Read More »


How to Find a Will

By Eric Millhorn |

Writing a will is technically optional under Florida law. If a person dies without a will, then his or her estate will be distributed to heirs under Florida law. Of course, we recommend that everyone create an estate plan, which might include a will. However, according to USA Today, almost 2 out of 3… Read More »


Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Wills

By Eric Millhorn |

We have written before about electronic notarization of legal documents and how this represents a sea change in Florida law. Today, we want to discuss whether your entire will should be electronic. Electronic wills have certain advantage and disadvantages. But, as experienced estate planning attorneys in The Villages, we also want to caution against… Read More »

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