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How Can You Protect An Elderly Loved One At Risk For A Fall Or Injury?


Talking with our elderly loved ones about needing more help at home is often challenging. It can be a difficult subject as our parents may be resisting the thought of needing assisted living or at home health care. They may feel that they risk losing independence as they age. Unfortunately, the risk of falls and orthopedic injury does increase with age and decreased mobility. It can be extremely dangerous, especially if a loved one cannot reach help in time. Fall risks at home are a serious issue that deserve attention. How can you help an elderly loved one who has experienced an orthopedic injury in the home?

Recognizing Risk of Injury

Partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have delayed or cancelled doctor’s visits and routine check-ups, even if we have pre-existing conditions. For the elderly, this can be extremely detrimental. Combined with isolation due to COVID-19, many elderly loved ones are at risk for depression and injury. Elderly slips and falls often occur for many reasons including dizziness, vestibular issues, difficulty hearing, gait and mobility issues, and muscle and joint pain. Elderly loved ones with comorbidities or difficulty hearing or seeing need to check in with their doctor and determine if durable medical equipment or modifications to the home could help prevent risk of future injury. Adult children can help loved ones by scheduling an appointment or assisting with a Telehealth appointment from the comfort of the home.

Prioritizing Safety our Home

The risk of fall and injury can occur due to medical conditions, but also because of safety issues in the home. If your elderly loved one has difficulty bending, cleaning up after a spill, or getting in and out of the bathroom, they could slip and fall. If this is the case, you may want to consider looking into assisted living or an at home health nurse. Either option provides you both peace of mind with the added benefit of medical care and help with basic household chores. Examining your loved one’s home to minimize risks and making it more mobility friendly can go a long way in preventing future incidents. You may also want to consider obtaining a smartwatch or medical bracelet for your loved one so they can always reach you and get help in an emergency. If you need assistance applying for a Medicaid Waiver or determining how you might pay for assisted living services, our attorneys at Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group can help.

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