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Tag Archives: Establishing Guardianship


Adult Guardianship In Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Not everyone sets up a power of attorney or sets up a health care directive as part of a broader estate plan. Unfortunately, this could mean that if the person becomes incapacitated or mentally unfit to handle his affairs, a guardian may need to be appointed by a court. Usually, a family member requests… Read More »

Elder Exploitation Sometimes Subtler Than Expected

By Eric Millhorn |

We have all heard the horrifying stories of seniors being ripped off by deadbeat con artists or dishonest contractors. But exploitation goes far beyond business dealings with strangers. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ special Agency on Aging provides regular statistics tracking the prevalence of elder abuse in America. According to reports… Read More »

Creating Advance Directives that Honor Your Religious Wishes

By Eric Millhorn |

According to the Pew Research Center, Americans are largely devout in their religious beliefs. Specifically, the Center found that: “Two-thirds of the public agrees with [the following statements]: (1) prayer is an important part of their daily life; (2) we will all be called before God at the Judgment Day; and (3) they never… Read More »

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