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Tag Archives: Nursing Home Injuries

Three Reasons why STDs are on the Rise in Nursing Homes

By Eric Millhorn |

Research by AARP over the past five years has revealed that roughly 80 percent of all Americans between 50 and 90 are sexually active. And these numbers hold equally true in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Florida ranks among the top five states in the country for sexually transmitted diseases among older adults…. Read More »

Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Nursing Home Arbitration Agreement Preventing Lawsuit for Injuries

By Eric Millhorn |

When admitting a loved one to a long-term care facility, contracts must be signed. In those contracts are little-known and little-understood clauses called “arbitration agreements.” These clauses state that if there is any dispute between a resident and his family, the parties must use a third-party arbitrator instead of going to court. In short,… Read More »

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