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Tag Archives: The Villages Wills Lawyer

Estate Planning Basics: Pour Over Wills

By Eric Millhorn |

Pour over wills are an important estate planning tool. This article discusses pour over wills in Florida and their relationship to revocable living trusts. Will Basics A will is one of the most well-known estate planning tools. As you probably know, in a will a person documents his or her wishes for the disposition… Read More »

Why Might A Will Be Declared Invalid?

By Eric Millhorn |

The vast majority of wills are probated and executed with no issue. However, you may have heard that unhappy family members sometimes contest the wills of loved ones in court. You may wonder how people can fight over a document that should be pretty clear on its face. This article looks at some of… Read More »

Why Having an Estate Plan is Not Enough: The Top 3 Things You can do to Protect Yourself and Your Heirs

By Eric Millhorn |

From Anna Nicole Smith to Archie Bunker, there have been dozens of high profile celebrity probate disputes in the past two decades. Many of these legal battles center around abuse, neglect, or poorly drafted legal instruments. Often, these cases also involve nontraditional family arrangements and late life marriages. When Anna Nicole, 26, married J…. Read More »

Three Excuses Older Adults Give for Not Discussing Estate Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

Sometimes the first call to an elder law attorney comes from a person who is not a senior at all. In fact, adult children often call seeking help for their parents or grandparents. Sometimes this is because the aging parent is physically or mentally unable to make decisions or take on the difficult process… Read More »

What Happens if I Don’t Have a Will?

By Eric Millhorn |

Lawyers often lament that so many seniors are resistant to discussing their estate plans. No one wants to talk about dying; it makes us face our mortality and ultimate fears like: Will I suffer? Will I be cared for? Will I be stuck in a nursing home? Will I be remembered? Will my children… Read More »

Creating Advance Directives that Honor Your Religious Wishes

By Eric Millhorn |

According to the Pew Research Center, Americans are largely devout in their religious beliefs. Specifically, the Center found that: “Two-thirds of the public agrees with [the following statements]: (1) prayer is an important part of their daily life; (2) we will all be called before God at the Judgment Day; and (3) they never… Read More »

I Was Named the Executor? Now What?

By Eric Millhorn |

If you are like most people, you may have not seen your parents’ wills. That is, of course, assuming they have wills. Likewise, you may have not asked your siblings, spouse or other loved ones if they would kindly let you inspect theirs either. Death and estate planning are difficult topics for most people… Read More »

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