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Pet Trusts

By Eric Millhorn |

For some people their pets are part of their family, and in fact, are more like family than some human family members. It is therefore not surprising that some pet owners desire to leave their property to their pets in their wills to ensure the pets are taken care of when the pet owner… Read More »


Naming A Trust As A Beneficiary Of A Life Insurance Policy

By Eric Millhorn |

For some people, life insurance policies represent the most significant asset that they will leave to their beneficiaries after the insured person dies. Even though the policy owner does not technically own the policy amount as his own property, he can control who is named as a beneficiary, and how the life insurance money… Read More »


Adoption and Inheritance Under Florida Intestacy Law

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person dies without a will in Florida, the law requires that the person’s estate be divided according to Florida’s intestacy law. This means that in most cases, the descendants of the person who died inherit the assets. The law looks first to the person’s spouse and children, and then to other relatives…. Read More »


The Duties Of A Personal Representative In The Probate Process

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person passes away in Florida, his will goes through probate. This means that the will goes through a court process in order to be validated and accepted as the true last wishes of the deceased person. When a person writes a will, they name a personal representative or executor in the will… Read More »


Passing On Your Retirement Accounts After Your Death

By Eric Millhorn |

Retirement income can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to estate planning. Employer retirement plans and IRAs can often be a large portion of a person’s assets after he dies. Retirement accounts are handled differently than other assets, and there are rules governing what a beneficiary of a retirement account can do upon receiving… Read More »


Designing An Estate Plan For Your Art Collection

By Eric Millhorn |

Estate planning for a person who owns a large collection of art can be a process of balancing an emotional need to preserve the collection with the financial reality of the cost to the beneficiaries to keep the collection intact. If a person has spent a lifetime creating a collection, having to come up… Read More »


Transferring Title To Trust Property

By Eric Millhorn |

Once a person decides to make a trust as part of his estate plan, he has to fund the trust by transferring title to property from himself to the trust. The transfer of title has different consequences for the person depending on the kind of trust that is formed, and in some cases the… Read More »


Leaving Gifts In Wills And Trusts With Conditions Attached

By Eric Millhorn |

In setting up a trust or writing a will, a settlor or testator has the choice of deciding which people are named as beneficiaries. In some cases, the testator may decide to name beneficiaries to receive payments from a trust or assets under a will only if the beneficiaries meet certain conditions. While some… Read More »


How Creditors Can Affect Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

A concern that may arise in the course of estate planning is the question of what happens to the debts a person accumulated in his lifetime when he dies. Generally speaking, debts are not inherited by a person’s family members or heirs under a will. This does not mean that all debts get erased… Read More »


Estate Planning For A Blended Family

By Eric Millhorn |

Estate planning when you have a blended family sometimes has to be handled carefully to ensure that everyone in the new family is well taken care of in the event of death. A parent may wonder if his or her children will be well cared for by the surviving spouse who also has his… Read More »

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