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Revoking A Will In Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Writing a will is an important part of estate planning. Depending on the assets owned, a will can be written easily and as long as it meets the legal requirements under Florida law, it will be valid. However, as life changes, a person who writes a will may want to make certain changes in… Read More »


Challenges To Lifetime Gifts And Property Transfers

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person leaves property to his family members and loved ones in a will or trust, there is always a possibility that someone will challenge the validity of the bequests after the death of the testator. While challenges to gifts to beneficiaries that are distributed after the testator’s death are expected, there is… Read More »


Inheriting Real Estate In A Different State

By Eric Millhorn |

Owning real estate in multiple states can make good financial sense for some people. However, it can also raise some problems when it comes to estate planning and leaving the out of state property to different heirs. The problems that may arise can be anticipated and taken care of with some planning on the… Read More »


Ademption And Failed Bequests In Florida Wills

By Eric Millhorn |

Not every person who makes a will remembers to update it following significant changes that could affect the nature of gifts that were bequeathed in the will. Unfortunately, failing to update a will could result in a beneficiary losing out on an inheritance. Generally, a testator may make a general bequest to a beneficiary… Read More »


Trustee Duties When Administering A Trust

By Eric Millhorn |

After you have decided to take the step to form a trust as part of your estate plan, you will be faced with the question of who to designate as the trustee. The trustee will be responsible for administering the trust, and making payments or distributions to your beneficiaries after you pass away. This… Read More »


Disclaiming An Inheritance

By Eric Millhorn |

The idea of someone renouncing or disclaiming a gift given to him in a will can sound strange to other people. However, sometimes some people have good reasons to choose to refuse a bequest. One reason a person may want to disclaim an inheritance is to avoid any tax liability associated with inheriting the… Read More »


Using A Reverse Mortgage As An Estate Planning Tool

By Eric Millhorn |

Reverse mortgages are often viewed by some as a good way to get income later on in life. There is a downside in that a person taking out a reverse mortgage eventually loses the equity in his home; however, there are some benefits to using a reverse mortgage as an estate planning tool. As… Read More »


Pet Trusts

By Eric Millhorn |

For some people their pets are part of their family, and in fact, are more like family than some human family members. It is therefore not surprising that some pet owners desire to leave their property to their pets in their wills to ensure the pets are taken care of when the pet owner… Read More »


Naming A Trust As A Beneficiary Of A Life Insurance Policy

By Eric Millhorn |

For some people, life insurance policies represent the most significant asset that they will leave to their beneficiaries after the insured person dies. Even though the policy owner does not technically own the policy amount as his own property, he can control who is named as a beneficiary, and how the life insurance money… Read More »


Adoption and Inheritance Under Florida Intestacy Law

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person dies without a will in Florida, the law requires that the person’s estate be divided according to Florida’s intestacy law. This means that in most cases, the descendants of the person who died inherit the assets. The law looks first to the person’s spouse and children, and then to other relatives…. Read More »

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