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Understanding the Differences Between Guardianship & Conservatorship

By Eric Millhorn |

The pop star Britney Spears has surfaced in popular news lately because she is contesting her conservatorship. Many people have questions about  what a conservatorship is and when it is invoked, especially with young adults. However, California conservatorships differ widely from conservatorships in Florida.  In addition, although you may hear the terms used interchangeably,… Read More »


Using Payable on Death Accounts as an Estate Planning Tool

By Eric Millhorn |

One concern that crops up with estate planning is providing immediate cash to your loved ones when you die. Although they might inherit the bulk of your estate in probate, the reality is that probate can be a lengthy process. Your spouse or children could be waiting months—possibly longer—before receiving any money. There are… Read More »


What is the Florida Elective Share Law?

By Eric Millhorn |

Generally, Florida law allows people to disinherit family members, such as their children and grandchildren. However, there is a big exception when it comes to your spouse. Historically, our state was afraid that many women who had been fully dependent on their husbands would be unable to support themselves on their husband’s death. To… Read More »


Can You Serve as a Guardian in Florida?

By Eric Millhorn |

At Millhorn Law Firm, our lawyers meet regularly with men and women who want to serve as a guardian for a spouse or elderly relative. Guardianship allows someone to take over the daily affairs of someone who is incapacitated. For example, a loved one could have Alzheimer’s and no longer be capable of paying… Read More »


Government Prosecutes Home Health Aide for Financial Abuse

By Eric Millhorn |

Financial abuse of the elderly does not receive the same news attention as physical abuse or neglect. However, seniors lose billions each year to financial scams, including identity theft and fraud. Sometimes they are exploited by family members, health care aides, or nursing home staff and administrators. Fortunately, the federal government has recently shown… Read More »


Is a Parent or Elder Relative Being Neglected?

By Eric Millhorn |

Many of our neighbors visited family during the holidays, including their elder relatives. If you do not see family regularly, you might be shocked at the differences you observe after being away for a year. Naturally, many people are concerned for their loved one’s wellbeing, and they often reach out to elder law attorneys… Read More »


How the Stimulus Benefits Seniors

By Eric Millhorn |

President Trump has signed the $900 billion stimulus package passed by Congress, and there is plenty in the bill that will affect seniors in The Villages. Morningstar has identified some of the most important provisions that will impact our community. Stimulus Checks As with the first stimulus passed back in April, many members of… Read More »


Holiday Shopping Scams

By Eric Millhorn |

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, we anticipate that our neighbors in The Villages will begin focusing on holiday shopping. Protecting your personal data should be at the forefront while buying gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, scammers are always devising new ways to steal data and commit identity theft. Others… Read More »


What Are ABLE Accounts?

By Eric Millhorn |

One of the problems for people with disabilities is that many government programs are means tested. Consequently, a disabled person with too much money jeopardizes their ability to receive government assistance. If they receive a generous gift from a family member or an inheritance, they might be disqualified. Fortunately, the government stepped up and… Read More »


Medicare Can Pay for In-Home Care

By Eric Millhorn |

A key goal for many seniors is maintaining their independence. Most want to put off the day when they must move in with a child or into an assisted living facility/nursing home. However, some seniors also need some medical assistance while living at home. Fortunately, Medicare will cover in-home care in certain situations. The… Read More »

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