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Misconceptions about Florida Probate

By Eric Millhorn |

Many people have no idea what probate is and have never even heard of the word. Other people who contact our firm have heard of probate but nevertheless hold misconceptions about what is involved with probating an estate. We try to clarify and correct any misconceptions during the free initial consultation. In this article,… Read More »


Women Have Unique Estate Planning Needs

By Eric Millhorn |

Most estate planning advice applies equally to women and men. But it is also true that women tend to have some unique needs that they must consider when they create their estate plans. At Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, we are happy to discuss your estate plan and create the documents that turn that… Read More »


Three Common Misconceptions About Medicaid Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

For most middle-class people, Medicaid planning is an essential part of any estate plan. Although people might think they can draft their own will with the help of online software, the truth is that Medicaid planning requires a trip to the lawyer’s office. However, many people hesitate to contact us about Medicaid planning, perhaps… Read More »


Considerations When Naming A Beneficiary To Your Retirement Account

By Eric Millhorn |

To have a proper estate plan, you will need either a will or a trust (or both). However, some property will pass outside of probate by other means. One such asset will be your retirement account. Once you identify who you want to receive your benefits after you die, you will designate them by… Read More »


How To Talk To An Elderly Parent About Assisted Living

By Eric Millhorn |

Many of our parents will retain their independence into their 70s and even into their 80s. But there usually comes a time when Mom or Dad (or both) can no longer take care of themselves. At some point, you will need to discuss whether your elderly parent should move into an assisted living facility—and… Read More »


The Importance Of Estate Planning For Unmarried Couples

By Eric Millhorn |

Many couples never marry. They might even be together for years or decades but have never gotten around to saying “I do” or don’t feel that marriage is that important to begin with. However, as we age, we soon find out that marriage carries many important legal benefits. If you choose not to marry,… Read More »


Keeping Good Records For Your Survivors

By Eric Millhorn |

After death, a personal representative will need to collect the assets of your estate and work to pay off any creditors you owe money to. Even in the best situations, this can be a lot of work, and few people have the time to act as a personal representative in a full-time capacity. As… Read More »


Watch Out For Funeral And Burial Scams

By Eric Millhorn |

Seniors are a favorite target of scammers, who hope to cheat and swindle you out of your hard-earned money. As a result, there are many scams that target seniors, including financial, health care, and pet scams. But scams involving funeral and burial expenses are on the upswing. These scams often target people who are… Read More »


The Dangers Of A Do-It-Yourself Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

Many seniors like the independence of doing things themselves and enjoy saving money in the process. However, your estate plan is definitely one area where you need a professional’s help, even if it costs a little bit of money to get it. Below are some of the landmines you can step on if you… Read More »


How A Pour Over Will Can Protect Your Privacy

By Eric Millhorn |

At Millhorn Elder Law Planning Group, some of our clients are surprised to find out that probate is a public proceeding. Not only is your will filed with the court, but any member of the public can research probate records to find out how many assets you had at death and who you left… Read More »

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