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The Child Caregiver Exception To Medicaid Transfer Rules

By Eric Millhorn |

The cost of going to a nursing home can make it impossible for many elderly people to receive the professional care they need. If the nursing home care is deemed necessary, one way to pay for this care may be through Medicaid. However, because there is a financial test for eligibility, many people may… Read More »


What Seniors Need to Know About Medicaid Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

Medicaid planning is a way for seniors to access the long-term care benefits provided by Medicaid, without bankrupting themselves with nursing home bills in the process. However, Medicaid planning can be complicated and small mistakes may make you liable for large penalties. That is why it is extremely important to work with a skilled… Read More »

Medicaid Planning Frequently Asked Questions

By Eric Millhorn |

In the United States, long-term health care is extremely expensive. Many people who find that they are facing a diagnosis like Alzheimer’s or other degenerative conditions may not have the money to pay for the care that they need. Even some people who have saved money may find themselves destitute after spending all their… Read More »

What is a Medicaid Penalty Period?

By Eric Millhorn |

When it comes to Medicaid, you may have heard talk of a “penalty period.” It is a real problem for some seniors hoping to use Medicaid to pay for long-term care. Here, we will address how a penalty period works and what can be done to minimize the effect of a penalty period. Who… Read More »

I am Going Into a Nursing Home: Can I Give the House to My Kids?

By Eric Millhorn |

Florida elder law attorneys are frequently asked to help save the family home. For many seniors, their home is their largest investment and greatest asset, and in many cases there is no longer a mortgage on the property. Therefore, it only makes sense they would want to secure the asset, not only to provide… Read More »

The ABCs of Medicare: Knowing the Basics

By Eric Millhorn |

Over the past few years, American healthcare has undergone a huge overhaul. From the Affordable Care Act to Medicaid expansion, Americans are struggling to decipher the rules and regulations that apply to health insurance coverage. Elder law attorneys often advise clients on health coverage just as much as they assist with end-of-life and estate… Read More »

Third Circuit Court of Appeals Approves “Half-a-Loaf” Annuity

By Eric Millhorn |

According to a recent decision in Federal Court, the duration of a short-term annuity does not remove it from the safe-harbor provisions of Medicaid regulations. For those using the Medicaid plan often referred to as “half-a-loaf, this decision means that even if the annuity is established with payments over a very short duration, it… Read More »

The Scoop on Spousal Impoverishment

By Eric Millhorn |

No one wants to be impoverished. But when it comes to Medicaid planning, being impoverished actually provides benefits. Most seniors contemplating admission to a Florida nursing home may have been alerted of this strange fact. But what exactly does impoverished mean in this context? Medicaid rules are difficult to follow, and, as such, we… Read More »

Medicaid Planning: Medicaid’s Five-Year Lookback Rule

By Eric Millhorn |

A major concern for people as they get older is their housing situation. While some people own their homes, and plan on remaining there, others retire and purchase homes or move into new communities. Sometimes, even if someone plans on staying in their home, circumstances change and they need to explore options that provide… Read More »

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