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Frequently Asked Questions About Special Needs Trusts

By Eric Millhorn |

Special needs trusts are an important estate planning tool for people who have disabled relatives or other loved ones. However, people often have many questions about these trusts. Indeed, it is important to remember that every person’s situation is unique, and to get the most accurate answers for your situation you should talk to… Read More »

Stand-Alone Education Trust Basics

By Eric Millhorn |

A stand-alone education trust is another popular estate planning tool. With the cost of college and graduate school rising and with college degrees becoming more and more necessary for employment, a stand-alone education trust is something that you may want to think about as you plan for the future of you and your family…. Read More »

Charitable Remainder Trust Basics

By Eric Millhorn |

A charitable remainder trust is an important estate planning tool. Charitable remainder trusts are a way to support a cause you love while also getting tax benefits for yourself and your heirs. This article looks at the specifics of charitable remainder trusts and gives a brief introduction to the most common kinds of charitable… Read More »

How Everyday People Can Maximize the Benefits of Life Insurance

By Eric Millhorn |

If you are like most Americans, your heirs are probably not going to be greeted by a bank president upon your death. They may not inherit billions of dollars in an offshore trust. However, trusts are not just for the wealthy. There are some clever tricks that everyday people can use to ensure their… Read More »

Using Trusts to Provide for Minor Children and Disabled Adults

By Eric Millhorn |

Most people worry about providing for their children after death. Wills and trusts offer unique vehicles through which people can provide financial security for future generations. However, for those with disabled adult children or minor children, there is the added concern about who will care for those children and how. Some of the big… Read More »

Spendthrift Trusts not Just for the Wealthy

By Eric Millhorn |

Research tends to show that people who come into large sums of money often burn through it pretty quickly. Consider these examples of people who won millions only to have their lives completely deteriorate. From drugs and lavish lifestyles to reckless gambling and ruined marriages, new money can be a very dangerous thing to… Read More »

When Families Fight in Probate Court

By Eric Millhorn |

In a world where elder law attorneys seem to make more money representing feuding siblings than from providing skilled preventative advice to seniors, it should come as no surprise that probate has become one of the most controversial and contentious areas of practice in recent years. Will contests, trust disputes, and adult children fighting… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Creating a Florida Life Estate: Part Two – The Drawbacks

By Eric Millhorn |

In the last post on Florida life estates, we looked at some of the potential benefits of sidestepping probate by conveying real estate using a life estate. This simple and effective transfer allows a life tenant to have unfettered use of the property while alive, while allowing another party to have the ultimate title… Read More »

Dispute over B.B. King’s Estate: Executors and their Role

By Eric Millhorn |

According to NBC, blues legend B.B. King’s will is being contested by family members. Specifically, King’s heirs are challenging the will’s named executor, LaVerne Toney. Toney was King’s longtime business manager, as well as King’s power-of-attorney. King’s family – a representative board of five of King’s 11 surviving children – claims that Toney isolated… Read More »

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