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Tag Archives: Creating an Estate Plan


How To Divide Your Estate Fairly Between Your Children

By Eric Millhorn |

When writing a will or trust, many people are worried about showing favoritism to one or more of their children. Instead, they want to divide their estate fairly so that each child feels appreciated. Nevertheless, sometimes dividing an estate fairly between your children is complicated. In that situation, you are advised to meet with… Read More »


Estate Planning Considerations For Your Family

By Eric Millhorn |

If you are planning on getting married or expanding your family in 2018, you also need to review your estate planning needs and make appropriate changes. After your wedding, you should revise your will and ensure that your spouse is included in your division of assets. Your spouse will have opportunity under Florida law… Read More »

What Exactly is Probate, Anyway?

By Eric Millhorn |

Probate is an important part of the process of estate administration process after someone dies. Ultimately, anyone who is interested in creating an estate plan should reach out to an attorney to learn more about the probate process, and how it could affect their future estate. What Probate Is Probate is a legal process… Read More »

Starting A Family Foundation

By Eric Millhorn |

You do not have to be a billionaire to start a family foundation. In fact, it may make sense as part of your estate planning and wealth management. However, it is important to reach out to a skilled legal professional before making any decisions regarding your future estate plan. What is a Family Foundation?… Read More »

What Blended Families Need to Know About Estate Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

Now that more people are getting divorced and marrying again, blended families are relatively common. Merging two families can come with a host of unexpected issues. One issue concerns estate planning. Estate planning in a blended family can cause many conflicts, but it also may keep the peace in the long run. It is… Read More »

How To Avoid Probate in Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

In a previous blog post, we discussed what probate is and a brief overview of the probate process. Whether you are planning your own estate or are the executor – or “personal representative” as it is called in Florida – of a loved one’s estate, most people want to minimize the assets that pass… Read More »

Spendthrift Trusts not Just for the Wealthy

By Eric Millhorn |

Research tends to show that people who come into large sums of money often burn through it pretty quickly. Consider these examples of people who won millions only to have their lives completely deteriorate. From drugs and lavish lifestyles to reckless gambling and ruined marriages, new money can be a very dangerous thing to… Read More »

March 8, 2016 Government Report Warns of Looming Drug Price Increases

By Eric Millhorn |

With the 2016 elections well under way, many older adults are wondering how the candidates will shape the future of Medicare, Social Security, and other programs that help seniors. And while the future of health care in America may not be certain, one definitely is going to change – drug prices. The 2016 report… Read More »

5 Reasons Not to Put Off Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

Many Florida residents have chosen to retire in the sunshine state to avoid cold winters and to partake in the host of sunny outdoors activities that are in such abundance here. People come from all over to enjoy the moderate temperatures and year-round accessibility of Florida’s beaches. Yet, every summer, many of these same… Read More »

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