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Leaving Gifts In Wills And Trusts With Conditions Attached

By Eric Millhorn |

In setting up a trust or writing a will, a settlor or testator has the choice of deciding which people are named as beneficiaries. In some cases, the testator may decide to name beneficiaries to receive payments from a trust or assets under a will only if the beneficiaries meet certain conditions. While some… Read More »


How Creditors Can Affect Your Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

A concern that may arise in the course of estate planning is the question of what happens to the debts a person accumulated in his lifetime when he dies. Generally speaking, debts are not inherited by a person’s family members or heirs under a will. This does not mean that all debts get erased… Read More »


Estate Planning For A Blended Family

By Eric Millhorn |

Estate planning when you have a blended family sometimes has to be handled carefully to ensure that everyone in the new family is well taken care of in the event of death. A parent may wonder if his or her children will be well cared for by the surviving spouse who also has his… Read More »


Making Changes To Your Will After You Get Married

By Eric Millhorn |

People make wills at all stages of life, and sometimes they forget to update the wills to account for changes in their lives. For example, a person who makes a will and then later gets married may not remember to go back and change the will to account for the new spouse or any… Read More »


Using Life Insurance For Estate Planning In Florida

By Eric Millhorn |

Many people consider life insurance a good way to leave their children or spouse a nest egg when they pass away. In some cases, the life insurance is taken on as a means to ensure that a spouse will be able to pay off major bills and not be left bankrupt. Life insurance can… Read More »


Will Challenges Based On Fraud And Undue Influence

By Eric Millhorn |

When a testator (the person making a will) dies and the contents of his will are revealed, there are some family members who may seek to contest the will for various reasons. In some cases, the will challenge is based on a feeling that the challenger should have received a larger bequest. However, sometimes,… Read More »


How Guaranteed Are Pensions?

By Eric Millhorn |

In most cases, pensions are better for employees than most company offered 401K plans. Today most pension plans in private companies have been phased out in favor of the 401K plans, and fewer employees have what was traditionally considered a guaranteed pension. For those receiving pensions, there may be a feeling that their pension… Read More »


Can A Will Distribute Property Already In A Living Trust?

By Eric Millhorn |

Most people who have at one point or another sought advice on estate planning have heard of wills and trusts, and been advised that is wise to have one or both in order to have a solid plan in place. While having both a will and a trust can be wise, taking care to… Read More »


Designating A Person To Make Decisions For You In The Event Of Incapacitation

By Eric Millhorn |

Part of making a comprehensive estate plan is ensuring that you designate trusted people who can make certain key decisions for you when you are incapacitated and unable to make the decisions for yourself. These decisions can be made on issues affecting your general legal, financial, and even medical affairs. There are different ways… Read More »


Veterans’ Benefits And Daily Assistance For Spouses

By Eric Millhorn |

Benefits for veterans who require assistance with daily activities are available to those who meet the basic requirements for aid and attendance benefits. Aid and attendance benefits are added to a monthly veteran’s pension amount, and cannot be applied for or received separately from the pension. A qualifying veteran can use the aid and… Read More »

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