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Can a Loved One’s Estate be Sued?

By Eric Millhorn |

Yes. Although your loved one is no longer alive, his or her estate can serve as the defendant in a lawsuit in many situations. As experienced probate attorneys, we often receive phone calls from panicked personal representatives who thought that closing a loved one’s estate was going to be simple. However, when the estate… Read More »


The Costs of Medicare Advantage Plans are Dropping

By Eric Millhorn |

We have good news. According to a fact sheet released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the average premium for Medicare Advantage plans continues to drop and will be lower in 2019 than it was for 2018. This should be welcome news to seniors on a tight budget, who can now… Read More »


Be Careful When Paying In Advance For Funeral Expenses

By Eric Millhorn |

For some people, the thought of planning their funerals ahead of time gives them a sense of comfort knowing that their loved ones will not have the burden of making the plans. In addition, some people like the fact that they get to personally make the plans for their funerals, choosing everything from the… Read More »


Implied Trusts Under Florida Law

By Eric Millhorn |

Most people who may recognize a trust as an estate planning tool that can help then provide for their beneficiaries after their death. However, not all trusts are used in this way, and one such trust is a constructive trust. A constructive trust is not actually a trust under the general definition of a… Read More »

Expert Interview with Eric Millhorn – Basics in Estate Planning

By Eric Millhorn |

Handling Business Interest As Part Of An Estate Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

Transferring ownership interest in a business can be complicated and require the considerations of how the sale of a business interest will affect multiple aspects of the owner’s life, including estate planning. Business owners in Florida should consider the use of buy-sell agreements in combination with a trust to pass on the proceeds of… Read More »


Pet Trusts

By Eric Millhorn |

For some people their pets are part of their family, and in fact, are more like family than some human family members. It is therefore not surprising that some pet owners desire to leave their property to their pets in their wills to ensure the pets are taken care of when the pet owner… Read More »


Naming A Trust As A Beneficiary Of A Life Insurance Policy

By Eric Millhorn |

For some people, life insurance policies represent the most significant asset that they will leave to their beneficiaries after the insured person dies. Even though the policy owner does not technically own the policy amount as his own property, he can control who is named as a beneficiary, and how the life insurance money… Read More »


Adoption and Inheritance Under Florida Intestacy Law

By Eric Millhorn |

When a person dies without a will in Florida, the law requires that the person’s estate be divided according to Florida’s intestacy law. This means that in most cases, the descendants of the person who died inherit the assets. The law looks first to the person’s spouse and children, and then to other relatives…. Read More »


Passing On Your Retirement Accounts After Your Death

By Eric Millhorn |

Retirement income can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to estate planning. Employer retirement plans and IRAs can often be a large portion of a person’s assets after he dies. Retirement accounts are handled differently than other assets, and there are rules governing what a beneficiary of a retirement account can do upon receiving… Read More »

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