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Category Archives: Veterans Benefits


Are You a Veteran? Don’t Overlook Aid and Attendance Benefits

By Eric Millhorn |

Long-term care or at-home care is incredibly expensive. In Florida, a year in a nursing home can cost over $100,000 for even a shared room, which is far more than many people can afford. Fortunately, America’s war-time veterans might qualify for financial help from Veterans Affairs. At Millhorn Law Firm, our attorneys have assisted… Read More »


Changes to VA Pension Program Can Complicate Eligibility

By Eric Millhorn |

Veterans Affairs provides long-term care benefits to some of the 20 million veterans in the U.S. To qualify, a veteran must have served for at least 90 days on active duty, with at least one day during war time. However, new changes can affect the eligibility for Aid & Attendance, which is the program… Read More »


Watch Out For Veteran’s Aid And Attendance Scams

By Eric Millhorn |

Veterans have served our country with honor, so the government provides various benefits to them and their families. One important benefit available to veterans is Aid and Attendance, which provides a benefit to veterans or their surviving spouse to pay for an attendant who helps with daily living. The benefit can also be paid… Read More »


Aid And Attendance Benefits Requirements For The Villages Military Veterans

By Eric Millhorn |

In addition to other government pensions, combat veterans or their surviving spouses who require constant care may be eligible for Aid & Attendance benefits. Available benefits are even higher for homebound veterans and surviving spouses. Given the escalating cost of nursing home care, which could be over $98,000 a year, these benefits could almost… Read More »


Applying A Denial Of Aid And Attendance Benefits

By Eric Millhorn |

Veterans who qualify for aid and attendance benefits and receive an initial letter denying their application are sometimes advised not to file an appeal as their first course of action following the denial. This advice is usually in contrast to the directions or instructions noted on the denial notice letter. In many cases, the… Read More »


Military Members Taking Advantage Of The Thrift Savings Plan

By Eric Millhorn |

Some employees who work in the private sector have access to 401k plans to save for retirement. These plans replaced most, if not all, traditional private company pensions, and have their benefits as well as their disadvantages. Government workers usually have different plan options that are similar to 401k plans and allow for retirement… Read More »


Veterans’ Benefits And Daily Assistance For Spouses

By Eric Millhorn |

Benefits for veterans who require assistance with daily activities are available to those who meet the basic requirements for aid and attendance benefits. Aid and attendance benefits are added to a monthly veteran’s pension amount, and cannot be applied for or received separately from the pension. A qualifying veteran can use the aid and… Read More »


Financial Planning When Applying For A VA Pension

By Eric Millhorn |

Although there are debates on whether pensions are better than other retirement plans offered to workers, the safety of a well-funded government pension cannot be understated. Most pensions are structured in such a way as to be  available to workers who paid into the retirement system over a period of time, and remained employed… Read More »

Veterans Aid and Attendance Basics

By Eric Millhorn |

If you are a veteran, or you are the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for veterans Aid and Attendance benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA). This benefit is a kind of supplemental pension for certain veterans and surviving spouses. If you have questions about these benefits, it is important to… Read More »

Qualifying for Veterans Nursing Home Care

By Eric Millhorn |

Veterans of the Armed Forces have several added benefits when it comes to retirement and long-term care planning. When consulting your Florida elder law attorney about planning for nursing home care, it is important to consider all the options. In addition to treatment in VA operated medical facilities, many veterans also qualify for additional… Read More »

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